Splash the official newsletter of the City of Los Angeles’ Stormwater Program, is written, designed and produced entirely in-house. Printing is done at the City’s Publishing Services facility.

Please note: Production of Splash has been discontinued until further notice.
To view these newsletters, please download the free Adobe Reader at: www.adobe.com/prodindex/acrobat/readstep.html

Spring 2001 Issue
  • BID Training
  • Beach Cleanup
File size: 256k

Splash; Winter 2000-01
Winter 2000-2001 Issue
  • 8th Street Storm Drain Project
  • LA River; Today & Tomorrow
  • Planning BMP Guide Online
File size: 320k

Fall 2000 Issue
  • Los Angeles River Issue
  • Characterization Study
  • History of LA River
  • Cabrillo Trail & Boardwalk
File size: 288k

Summer 2000 Issue
  • Incorporating BMPs in Construction Planning and Design
  • SWMEA Conference
  • Public Agency Meetings
  • Bureau of Street Services
PDF file size: 232k

Spring 2000 Issue:
  • Venice Canals/Santa Monica Canyon Outreach
  • Cleanup Event Draws Thousands
  • Cabrillo Marine Aquarium
  • Draft TMDL Issued
PDF file size: 268K

Winter ‘99-2000 Issue:
  • Pollution Technologies Studied
  • Propositions 12 & 13
  • General Services SWPPPs
  • LARWCB Rules on SUSWMPs
  • Community Cleanup Event
PDF file size: 708K

Fall 1999 Issue (Internet Version only):
  • Ballona Creek Oil Spill
  • Annual Workshop
  • Stormwater Creature at California Science Center
  • New Domain Name:
PDF file size: 224K

Summer ‘99 Issue:
  • Partnership with Department of Animal Services
  • SPCLA Event
  • City Employees Encouraged to Make the Call
  • City meets Compliance
  • Stormwater Program Event Schedule
PDF file size: 352K

Spring 99 Issue
Spring ‘99 Issue:
  • Environmentally-Safe Car Wash Fundraisers
  • City-wide Employee Training Launched
  • Smart Gardening Tips
  • LA City and County Joint Ad Campaign
  • Public Agency Activities Guide
  • Stormwater Program Event Schedule
PDF file size: 720K

Premier Issue Winter 1998-99 :
  • Stormwater Ordinance Becomes Law
  • New Program Manager’s Welcome
  • Sanitation Director’s Message
  • Preparing for Wet Weather
  • Stormwater Website Debuts
  • School Assembly Program
PDF file size: 348K
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