The Solution to Pollution is in Everyone’s Hands

Throughout the world, ocean pollution has become as massive a problem as air pollution—possibly greater. For example, huge areas in the waters off the Gulf of Mexico have become "dead zones" devoid of marine life that has been attributed to runoff that contains pesticides and herbicides.

But the solution is so easy!

Use Environmentally Safe Products

Many pesticides have safe, chemically-free organic alternatives. By using non-toxic methods, you reduce the amount of dangerous chemicals that flows off of lawns and into storm drains.

For more information on safe Landscaping, Gardening and Pest Control tips, click here.

Compost Yard Trimmings
Dispose of yard clippings and waste in a compost bin or in City issued green containers. You can also log on to the City’s Smart-Gardening web site for more information.
Report Illegal Dumping
Illegal dumping of paint products, motor oil and other chemicals into storm drains is against the law!

Call (800) 974-9794 to report incidents of illegal dumping.

Pick up After Your Pets
Animal waste that runs off of lawns and sidewalks sends harmful bacteria into the storm drain system and out into the ocean, creating problems for swimmers and fish.

Download the free guide ‘What’s the Scoop!’

Dispose of Trash Properly
Much of what we throw away as trash is considered recyclable! It is estimated that of the 4 tons of trash that washes up on beaches–over 80% of it could have been recycled!
Separate items thoughtfully and discard only what is non-recyclable. For information on the City’s Curbside Recycling Program, call
For a listing of related environmental agencies, organization and programs, refer to the Related Web Site Links page.