BMP House

In partnership with TREEPeople and other governmental agencies, the City sponsored a stormwater BMP demonstration projector to demonstrate the environmental and economic benefits of managing and utilizing the urban forest with an integrated, watershed-based approach.

The demonstration project was retrofitting a house to install Multiple BMPs: Cistern Collection System, Vegetated/ Mulched Swale, Retention Grading, and Driveway Dry Well.

1. Cistern Collection System collects rainwater from rain gutters and stores it for irrigation during dry months.

2. Vegetated/ Mulched Swale consisting of a grassy area or recycled green waste from the property. It is designed to slow the flow of stormwater and to filter pollutants before the water reaches the city drain.

3. Retention Grading is a slightly sunken area in the front and back yard lawns which will retain rainwater until it can percolate into the ground. To achieve a higher infiltration rate, the grading can be placed over coarse aggregate rock.

4. Driveway Dry Well that channel water polluted by engine oil drippings through a filter composed of sand and crushed rock. Once filtered, the water is then allowed to seep into the ground.