There are currently three areas of Best Management Practices (BMPs) towards reducing pollutants from stormwater runoff. The City of Los Angeles is either operating or planning:
In partnership with the environmental group TreePeople and other governmental agencies, the City participated in a pilot project to retrofit a single-family residential site to incorporate applicable BMP’s. This project, known as the BMP House, incorporates the following BMP’s:
  • Cistern Collection System
  • Vegetated/Mulch Swale
  • Retention Grading
  • Driveway Dry well.

Filtration/ Infiltration
Stormwater runoff will be treated in rapid sand filter, infiltration trench, absorbent media and/or separators.

End of Pipe Treatment
Involves the diverting of low-flow storm water runoff into the City’s Hyperion Treatment Plant.