State of California Environmental Protection Agency’s 2004 “Togetherness Award” for the Stormwater Used Oil Car Clubs Outreach Campaign.

2003 City of Los Angeles Quality and Productivity Commission’s Environmental Marvels Award for the Lake Balboa Aeration System.

Public Relations Society of America’s 2003 Prism Award of Excellence for the City of Los Angeles’ Used Oil Recycling Public Education Program

State of California Environmental Protection Agency’s 2003 "Innovative Program Award" for its Used Oil "Your Street" Campaign.

City of Los Angeles Ninth Council District’s (Jan Perry) Certificate of Recognition to Watershed Protection Division for participation in the Environmental Service Fair.

Southern California Chapter of American Public Works Association: 2002 “NPDES Project of the Year Award” given to the Stormwater Public Education Program.

Los Angeles and San Gabriel Rivers Watershed Council President’s Award for Outstanding Leadership to the City of Los Angeles Stormwater Program for its Employee Training and Public Education Activities.