In partnership with the City of Los Angeles’ Department of Animal Services, the Stormwater Program Public Education staff created a guide for pet owners that not only helps keep their pets healthy, but also keeps our environment healthy as well.

The pocket guide What’s the Scoop?, provides these helpful tips:

ADOPT A PET The City of Los Angeles’ Animal Service Centers have a variety of animals, from purebreds to mixed breeds that are waiting for loving arms and good homes.

Call (888) 4LA-PET1 for a location near you.

PICK UP AFTER YOUR PET When walking your dog, always carry a pooper scooper or plastic bag with you to pick up your pet’s waste. It is a neighborhood nuisance (L.A.M.C. Sec. 53.49) that can wash into gutters and storm drains carrying bacteria and diseases into our rivers and ocean.

Properly dispose of pet waste by flushing it down the toilet or placing it in the trash. Call the Stormwater Hotline at (800) 974-9794 for more information.

Dispose of used automobile fluids properly. Animals and pets can be poisoned by drinking antifreeze, gas or oil that drips from cars and mixes with rainwater.

Pets can also be poisoned if these fluids are stored in open containers. Call (800) 98-TOXIC for more information on disposal.

There aren’t enough homes for the many puppies and kittens born every day. Low-cost spay and neuter vouches are available from the City of Los Angeles Department of Animal Services.

Vaccinate your pets to protect them from disease. License your pets to protect them from loss. Vaccination clinics and dog licenses are available from the City of Los Angeles Department of Animal Services.

Change your pet’s food and water regularly to avoid pest and vermin infestation. Leftover food in and around your home can attract unwanted pests, insects and disease.

Your pet will also appreciate clean, bug-free food.

Wash pets indoors in a bathtub or sink using less toxic shampoos, or else consider having your pet professional groomed. Pet shampoos and soaps, even when biodegradable, can be toxic to humans.

Consider using less toxic alternatives such as oral or topical flea control products. If you do use flea control products such as shampoos, sprays or collars, please dispose of unwanted quantities properly by calling the Household Hazardous Waste Hotline at (800) 98-TOXIC.

Create a healthy environment in and around your home by following the simple pet care practices above. Your pet, family and neighbors will appreciate their clean, comfortable and healthy surroundings. If you would like to download a PDF copy of the What’s the Scoop? Pet Care Guide, you must have Adobe Reader installed. This can be obtained by downloading it from the Adobe Systems web site at

For more information on City of Los Angeles services for healthier pets and a healthier environment, call the numbers below.

Stormwater Program
(800) 974-9794

Department of Animal Services
(888) 4LA-PET1

Household Hazardous Waste Hotline
(800) 98-TOXIC

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