Shahram Kharaghani
Stormwater Program Manager for the City of Los Angeles. Mr. Kharaghani is also responsible for the City’s compliance with the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit.His duties include managing a $28 million program within nine City bureaus and departments and also overseeing the implementation of five stormwater model programs in the areas of:

Morad F. Sedrak
Responsibilities include directing the activities of the Permit Compliance and Pollution Abatement Planning groups and coordinating with the Bureau of Engineering on implementation of the Capital Improvement Program.
Robert M. Vega
Directs the activities of the Permit Compliance Group, which is responsible for ensuring that the City and its agencies comply with existing stormwater regulations and NPDES mandated activities, and the Standard Urban Stormwater Mitigation Program (SUSMP) Group, which is responsible for ensuring that stormwater mitigation measures are implemented for all new development and redevelopment occurring in the City.
Michael Mullin
Designs and oversees studies that produce technical data needed for identifying and controlling various pollutants that enter the storm drain system; works with other municipalities, scientific organizations and environmental groups on monitoring issues that benefit the City’s interests.Oversees the Enforcement/Inspection, Public Education and Pollution Assessment Sections.

Provides vital services to the division such as accounting and recordkeeping, computer systems maintenance, file/database management, employee personnel matters, budget items, and requisitions—as well as ‘pinch-hitting’ in staffing the (800) Stormwater Hotline.
Inspection & Enforcement | Public Agency
Planning & Engineering | Public Education | Pollution Assessment