South LA Green Alley Master Plan

South LA Green Alley Master Plan

The South LA Green Alley Master Plan has been approved by the Board of Public Works. This plan was developed by LA Sanitation in partnership with the Trust for Public Land under a grant from the State’s Strategic Growth Council- Urban Greening (Prop 84).The plan was completed last year and the two Avalon Alley projects came out of this plan.

SLAGAMP is a plan to construct a network of green alleys, streets and community connections in one of the most underserved and economically challenged areas of the City of Los Angeles. SLAGAMP included specific design guidelines and policy recommendations for the creation of three to five green alley and street networks. The planning efforts centered on a 16 square mile area of South Los Angeles with an emphasis on how to create green alley networks that promote infill development, improve community walkability (thereby reducing Vehicle Miles Traveled), develop new and attractive spaces for outdoor exercise and promote multi-benefit infrastructure improvements with a focus on stormwater capture and infiltration.

The entire 16 square mile area of South Los Angeles is framed by the 10 freeway to the north, Florence Avenue to the South, Alameda Street on the east and Western Avenue to the west.  SLAGAMP mapped South Los Angeles at two scales: the study area scale (includes the entire 16 square mile area) and the sub-area scale (smaller one to two mile square sub areas). Mapping and background research focused on identifying which alleys have the greatest potential to create pedestrian and bike connections through the community, add green and useable open space, capture and treat stormwater, increase local supplies of groundwater, decrease greenhouse gas emissions and improve the quality of life for residents of South Los Angeles.  SLAGAMP is first of the many Green Alleys Handbooks that can be used as a model for developing green alleys in other communities in the City, Los Angeles County and around the state.

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South LA Green Alley Master Plan.pdf (130MB)
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