South Los Angeles Wetlands Park

South Los Angeles Wetlands Park

Project Description

The nine-acre South Los Angeles Wetlands Park is an expansive and innovative project that collects urban runoff from a storm drain, removes trash and pollutants, and sends it through the constructed wetlands for treatment. Once the site of a former MTA bus yard, the South Los Angeles Wetlands Park can treat up to 680,000 gallons of polluted urban runoff per day, or enough to fill an Olympic-size swimming pool.

The South Los Angeles Wetlands Park combines numerous elements for passive recreational activities such as walking, cycling, photography and bird watching. This park replaces an existing blighted site with greenery from a combination of native trees, shrubs, marsh plants and myriad flora. The park also serves as an outdoor classroom by providing educational signage along the walkways and will be a green haven for this community. The second phase of construction will include a rail museum and community meeting space.

The South Los Angeles Wetlands Park was opened on February, 2012.

Project Location

5413 Avalon Blvd., Los Angeles, CA  90011 in Council District 9

Project Partners

The South Los Angeles Wetlands Park was designed and constructed by the Department of Public Works’ Bureaus of Sanitation and Engineering in collaboration with the Department of Recreation and Parks.

Project Funding

Proposition O funded $16,678,202 of this project. Additional funds were provided by the Collection System Settlement Agreement, Propositions 50, 12, 40 and K, the Metropolitan Transit Authority and the US EPA Brownfields Grant.

Operation and Maintenance Update

Several years out of construction, the South Los Angeles Wetland Park vegetation has now matured and become established… read and see more here