Imperial Highway Sunken Median

Imperial Highway Sunken Median

Project Description

The Imperial Highway Sunken Median project retrofitted approximately 1.3 miles of Imperial Highway (from Pershing Drive to California Street) with a sunken median infiltration system and vegetated buffer strip.

Runoff from this transportation corridor historically contained pollutants such as oil, grease, suspended solids, metals, gasoline and pathogens. This project diverted the polluted surface runoff from 11 acres into the median where vegetated filter strips and grassed filters now filter the polluted flow. Additional filtration takes place in infiltration trenches that have been lined with filter fabric and back-filled with stone to form an underground basin. This system removes soluble and particulate pollutants from runoff before it flows onto Dockweiler State Beach.

Project Location

Imperial Highway between Pershing Drive and California Street in Council District 11

Project Partners

The City of Los Angeles Bureaus of Sanitation and Engineering partnered on this project.

Project Funding

Proposition O provided $2,723,403 in funding for this project. No additional funding was utilized.