Hansen Dam Wetlands Restoration

Hansen Dam Wetlands Restoration

Project Description

The Hansen Dam Wetlands Restoration project works to mitigate stormwater pollution from a 133-acre Los Angeles River sub-watershed that flows into Hansen Lake. It utilizes features such as bio-swales, infiltration basins, treatment wetlands and native vegetation that blend into the region’s natural landscape to naturally cleanse pollutants and contaminants from the runoff.

The project redesigned and resurfaced portions of one parking lot and redirected rainwater flows from this and two other parking lots into a complex of constructed stormwater treatment wetlands. It resulted in improved water quality in the Los Angeles River watershed and preserved and enhanced riparian habitat for federally-endangered wildlife.

Project Location

Osborne Street at Foothill Boulevard in Council District 7

Project Partners

This project was a collaboration between the City of Los Angeles, Department of Public Works and the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority.

Project Funding

Proposition O provided $2,220,702 in funding for this project. Additional funding was provided by Caltrans.