Echo Park Lake Rehabilitation

Echo Park Lake Rehabilitation

Project Description

In 2006, Echo Park Lake was identified by the State of California as an impaired water body. The lake was originally built in the 1860s as a reservoir for drinking water. Today Echo Park Lake is a Los Angeles icon that functions primarily as a detention basin in the City’s storm drain system, while providing recreational benefits and wildlife habitat. Echo Park Lake also plays host to community events, such as the Lotus Festival at Echo Park.

Proposition O funded the Echo Park Lake Rehabilitation Project which included the following highlights:

  • The lake was drained and relined, which helps to minimize use of potable water and stops the seepage of water from the lake into the ground below
  • The lake bottom was dredged, removing trash and sediments that have settled there

  • A wetlands feature was added to beautify the lake and provide a natural water improvement solution

  • A trash capture device was installed underground at the storm drain inlet at the corner of Echo Park Avenue and Park Avenue to reduce the number of pollutants flowing into the lake

  • A new boardwalk and pervious walking paths allow residents to enjoy Echo Park Lake

  • Aquatic plants have been added which will contribute to the control of algae growth, provide habitat for wildlife and develop a healthy lake ecology

  • The same species of original Lotus flowers have been planted

Project Location

751 Echo Park Avenue, Los Angeles, CA  90026 in Council District 13

Project Partners

The Echo Park Lake Rehabilitation Project was a collaboration between the City of Los Angeles’ Departments of Public Works and Recreation and Parks.

Project Funding

Proposition O provided $84,263,313 of funding for this project. Proposition K provided additional funding.

Photo courtesy of collectmoments.