Albion Riverside Park

Albion Riverside Park

Project Description

As part of the Los Angeles River Revitalization Master Plan, the City of Los Angeles acquired a 6-acre parcel of land, which was the former warehouse site of the Swiss Dairy Company, adjacent to the Los Angeles River and next to Downey Park in the community of Lincoln Heights.

Proposition O paid for the acquisition of the land and the demolition of the facilities buildings, the remediation and abatement of all hazardous materials and soils onsite and the importation of clean soil to leave the property in a level, graded condition for future improvements.

Plans for the future Albion Riverside Park could include such amenities as athletic fields, a community center, walking paths, picnic areas, water quality features and open, natural areas.

Project Location

1739 North Albion Street, Los Angeles, CA  90031 in Council District 1

Project Partners

The project partners for the Albion Riverside Park include the City of Los Angeles, California State Assemblymember Kevin de Leon, Alianza de los Pueblos del Rio, Urban Semillas and Friends of the LA River.

Project Funding

Proposition O provided $21,516,400 for this project. Propositions 84 and AB31 provided additional funding.

Photo courtesy of Albion Park Project.

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