Residential Solutions

Small scale residential projects include all projects that increase impervious area by more than 500 square feet. These projects are not required to complete formal hydrologic analysis or to get approval from the Upper Los Angeles River Water Master (ULARWM). The basic objectives for these projects include reducing a site’s impervious surfaces, improving a site’s ability to infiltrate stormwater, conserving stormwater runoff for other onsite water demand uses, and reducing negative impacts downstream.

The specific small scale residential solutions include the following:

  1. Driveway Cross (or Drain with Metal Grate)
  2. Dry/Gravel Swales
  3. Dry Wells 
  4. Permeable Pavements (or Porous Pavement Systems)
  5. Planter Boxes
  6. Rain Barrels & Small Cisterns
  7. Rain Gardens
  8. Vegetated Swales


Broadway Neighborhood Greenway Project