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LID Handbook, Forms and Educational Materials

Low Impact Development Handbook

Low Impact Development Handbook Appendices

Appx A Ordinances

Appx B Contact List

Appx C Small Scale Residential Forms

Appx D All Other Plan Check Forms

Appx E Small Scale Residential Prescriptive Measures

Rain Tank (PDF) — Rain Tank (.DWG Zip)

Planter Box (PDF) — Planter Box (.DWG Zip)

Permeable Paving (PDF) — Permeable Paving (.DWG Zip)

Drywell (PDF) — Drywell (.DWG Zip)

Rain Garden Infiltration (PDF) — Rain Garden Infiltration (.DWG Zip)

Rain Garden Bio Filtration Option 1 (PDF)

Rain Garden Bio Filtration Option 2 (PDF)

Appx F All Other Sample Design Calculations

Appx G Source Control Measures

Appx H Stormwater Infiltration Guidelines

Appx I Upper Los Angeles River Watermaster Requirements

Appx J Public Health Guidelines

Small Scale Residential Forms

Small Scale Residential Checklist

Small Scale Residential Stormwater Observation Report

All Other Development Forms

All Other Development Projects Checklist

All Other Development Stormwater Observation Report

Form Downloads

Stormwater BMP Verification Form

Covenant & Agreement (C&A) Form

Supplemental Covenant & Agreement (C&A) Form

Termination of Covenant & Agreement (C&A) Form

Low Impact Development (LID) 2-Sided Brochure

Low Impact Development; What is the LID Ordinance and how does it apply to you? The City of LA needs your help to build sustainable projects that capture, treat and reuse rainwater to help make neighborhoods greener.