Hollenbeck Park Lake Rehabilitation

Hollenbeck Park Lake Rehabilitation

Green Projects: Hollenbeck Park Lake Rehabilitation

Hollenbeck Park is an urban park that provides aesthetic and recreational public uses for the community. The lake is a 4.3 acre manmade water body that serves as an attractive water feature for public enjoyment. Hollenbeck Park is highly valued by the community as a recreational asset where green space is rare.

Hollenbeck Park Lake has a history of water quality concerns attributable to nutrient and sediment loading, including discharge of untreated runoff from the adjacent I-5 freeway. There is also extensive erosion around the perimeter of the lake, which is most notable along the vegetated areas between the lake’s edge and the existing pedestrian walkway. The erosion has begun to undermine the existing pavement and is compromising visitor safety.

LA Sanitation’s proposed Hollenbeck Park Lake Rehabilitation and Stormwater Management Project includes the following:

  • Implement water quality improvement at Hollenbeck Park Lake,
  • Divert and treat the polluted runoff from the I-5 freeway,
  • Replace the potable water deliveries at Hollenbeck Park Lake for irrigation and lake, replenishment with dry/wet weather flow diversion and recycled water,
  • Restore Hollenbeck Park’s appearance, and
  • Provide a long-term solution to erosion around Hollenbeck Park Lake’s edge.


LA Sanitation released the Notice of Preparation and Initial Study on December 14, 2017 for public comment. The comment period concluded on January 18, 2017 and LA Sanitation is currently reviewing the public comments and preparing the Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR). The Draft EIR is anticipated for release in August 2018. LA Sanitation will notify stakeholders when the Draft EIR is released for public review.

Hollenbeck Lake Initial Study (1.9MB)
Hollenbeck Lake Notice of Preparation (1.3MB)
Hollenbeck Lake Concept Report (15.5MB)
Hollenbeck Park EIR Scoping Meeting (557KB)
Hollenbeck Park EIR Scoping Meeting Presentation (684KB)
Hollenbeck Park EIR Scoping Meeting Posters (1.6MB)