Green Infrastructure

Green Infrastructure

Green infrastructure projects are defined as new designs for streets, sidewalks or other paved areas that, when replaced utilizing permeable materials and drought tolerant plants, will capture, clean and/or infiltrate rain water. Converting Los Angeles’ paved areas from gray to green will reap the following benefits:

  • Cleaner rivers, creeks, lakes and beaches
  • Recharged groundwater supplies
  • Increased vegetation cools communities
  • Designs beautify neighborhoods

For more information about the City of Los Angeles Green Infrastructure Program, please visit EnvironmentLA.

*Photo courtesy of Haan-Fawn Chau


Green Streets

Green Streets works to develop and implement new and sustainable solutions for managing storm water. It’s a pioneering way of dealing with rainwater, one of our region’s most precious resources, and it is a strategy that will help to transform Los Angeles into a true present-day Emerald City. Read more…