Enhanced Watershed Management Program

Municipalities, non-governmental organizations and community stakeholders throughout the County of Los Angeles developed Enhanced Watershed Management Plans for each of LA’s five watersheds – Ballona Creek, Dominguez Channel, Marina Del Rey, Santa Monica Bay and Upper Los Angeles River. The objectives of the Enhanced Watershed Management Plans (or EWMPs) are to comply with water quality mandates, improve the quality of LA’s rivers, creeks and beaches, and address current and future regional water supply issues.  

Each of the five watersheds has a Watershed Management Group that meets on a regular basis. Each EWMP identifies current and future multi-benefit projects to improve water quality, promote water conservation, enhance recreational opportunities, manage flood risk, improve local aesthetics, and support public education opportunities. Each EWMP includes water quality priorities, watershed control measures, reasonable assurance analysis, the scheduling of projects and the monitoring, assessment and adaptive management of projects.

Enhanced Watershed Management Plans for each of the five watersheds were submitted to the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board.  

Three workshops have been held for the Enhanced Watershed Management Program. Presentations from these three workshops are below:

April 10, Planning Workshop Presentation, (7.6 Mb)

November 20, Workshop Presentation, (20.4 Mb)

March 19, Workshop Presentation, (26.4 Mb)