About Proposition O

About Proposition O

In 2004, Los Angeles voters overwhelmingly passed Proposition O, which authorized the City of Los Angeles to fund projects (up to $500 million) that prevent and remove pollutants from our regional waterways and ocean, consequently protecting public safety and meeting federal Clean Water Act regulations.

Proposition O funds projects that fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • Water-quality protection of rivers, lakes, beaches, bays and the ocean
  • Water conservation, drinking water and source protection
  • Flood water reduction, river and neighborhood parks that prevent polluted runoff and improve water quality
  • Stormwater capture, cleanup and re-use

An Administrative Oversight Committee (AOC) and Citizens Oversight Advisory Committee administer the projects funded by Proposition O.

Explore the completed Proposition O projects from the list at left. 


*Photo courtesy of onewideopensky via Flickr