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Volume I, Issue III

You can receive beach report cards straight to your cell phone just by sending a text message with your beach’s keyword.

How Healthy is Your Beach?

The kids may be out of school for the summer, but that doesn’t mean that grades aren’t still being handed out.

Your favorite local beach is constantly being graded by the local conservation group Heal the Bay, as well as the environmental information portal, Heal the Bay has a scoring method that uses water quality analysis results submitted by the City and County to the County Health Department which results in a beach grade.

Both organizations update their websites regularly in order to keep the general public apprised of any changes in ocean water quality, giving everyone with an Internet connection immediate access to the health ratings of their local beaches. With this information, beachgoers can make educated decisions about which beach to visit based on its daily water quality grade.

Heal the Bay also offers a feature where the ratings of your favorite local beach will be sent via text to your cell phone every day. This is a great option for surfers and others who hit the beach on a regular basis.

Beach ratings can be impacted by a number of variables, from polluted storm drain runoff to oil and sewage spills. Storm drain pollution can be prevented by reducing litter, picking up after our pets, and properly applying fertilizers and pesticides to our lawns and gardens.

Depending on the amount and type of accident or spill that has occurred, beaches are not always closed to the public. So be sure to check in on your preferred beach’s health report before you head for the sand!

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