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LASW freebies from LA

Freebies from the City

Living in Los Angeles isn’t cheap. But not everything has to break the bank. The next time you’re watching the numbers rack up at the gas pump, just think about the following free stuff Los Angeles residents can get from the City of LA. Not only are these no cost programs simple to use, they…

0528 Paint

Pollution Solution: Paint It Blue

A fresh coat of paint is the perfect way to liven up your home. But here’s one not-so-pretty part of adding new color to your living space: each year, about 10 percent of all paint purchased in the U.S. goes unused, and some of that leftover paint winds up in our waterways. Without careful handling…

LA Stormwater Promotes Good Pet Practices

So what do our pups have to do with stormwater issues? Unfortunately, plenty. But fortunately, LA Stormwater has you covered with our pet program information. What’s the connection between dogs and stormwater anyway? Well, when we don’t pick up after our furry friends, their waste can make its way into our storm drain system where…

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