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The State of Stormwater

It’s a new year, which seems like the perfect time to take stock of LA Stormwater. What’s going well? What needs a little extra oomph? And where can each one of us make a positive difference in the health of our local creeks, rivers and ocean? Let’s take a look… Water Conservation We’ve had a…

Keeping LA’s Beaches Green

This is the time of year when green is the “it” color. Between St. Patrick’s Day and the many hues of springtime green popping up on foliage all around us, we’re happily “swimming” in emerald…jade…chartreuse…sage…hunter…pistachio…the shades of green can go on and on. And, as the plant world around us begins to wake up from winter,…

When Less Is More – In the Garden

Hey gardeners and home owners out there, did you know that you could reduce the amount of toxins in our waters by following a few easy rules? It’s true and if you have a lawn or garden and occasionally use pesticides or herbicides to green it up, we have a little recommendation that could go…

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