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Ask LA Stormwater: Can I drain my pool water into the street?

A: Yes, but there are things to consider first. Draining your pool can wreak havoc on the environment if it’s not done properly. When poured down storm drains, chemical-laden pool water ultimately makes its way to local waterways, where it can kill off fish and seriously threaten water quality. The City of Los Angeles allows…

HHW Shelf

Spring Cleaning? Keep It S.A.F.E.

Spring is the season of new beginnings, which makes it the perfect time to free your home of the clutter that has piled up over the past year. With that in mind, the Bureau of Sanitation has coined April Spring Clean L.A. month! S.A.F.E Centers all across the city are ready to take in all…

Keeping LA’s Beaches Green

This is the time of year when green is the “it” color. Between St. Patrick’s Day and the many hues of springtime green popping up on foliage all around us, we’re happily “swimming” in emerald…jade…chartreuse…sage…hunter…pistachio…the shades of green can go on and on. And, as the plant world around us begins to wake up from winter,…

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