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Plastic Bag Ban To Expand on July 1

Get ready to take your reusable bags to a new level in the coming days! Starting on July 1, 2014 Los Angeles will expand its current Single-Use Carryout Bag Ordinance to include smaller markets and grocery stores.  The second phase of the Ordinance mandates that all grocers within the City of Los Angeles will no…

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Eulogy to the Plastic Bag Caption Contest

It’s been nearly a month since we said farewell to the plastic bag. But we couldn’t bear to send it into extinction without a proper goodbye. So we’re running a contest. Log on to Facebook and give us your final words to the plastic bag. Caption this photo, write a poem or put pen to…

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LA Settles into the Plastic Bag Ban

In many ways, it could have been any Saturday afternoon at the supermarket. Angelenos in workout wear hustled in and out of the automatic doors carrying bags of groceries to restock the fridge for the week ahead. But January 4 was different. Three days earlier, Los Angeles became the largest city in the U.S. to…


LA Launches

City of Los Angeles officials today launched as part of its Bring-Your-Own-Bag Campaign and in anticipation of the Single-Use Carryout Bag Ordinance that takes effect on January 1, 2014.  “ provides useful information for both shoppers and retailers about the Single-Use Carryout Bag Ordinance and its benefits to our marine environment,” said Commissioner Barbara Romero of the Board of…

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