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How Eco-Friendly is Your Home?

Celebrate this season of new beginnings and fresh starts by giving your home a quick eco-audit. Take this quiz to gauge how green your home is and learn a few easy ways you can lower your energy, water and waste.   Loading…


Eco Trip Tips For Your Home

Suitcases packed? Check! Plane, hotel and rental car reservations confirmed? Check! Family super excited about going on vacation? Check and check! Home ready to keep LA’s waterways clean and conserve energy and water while you’re gone? Um…I can do that? Yes, you can! Here are a few easy eco trip tips for your home that will…

Turning Los Angeles into the City of Green Angels

These days, green is everywhere. From shamrocks to the first buds of spring  – emerald is the color of choice this time of year!  In the spirit of continuing his goal of making Los Angeles the greenest big city in the nation, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa recently issued a new challenge to LA’s more than 40,000…

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