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Watersheds Ahead! Discover your #H2OMoment Today

A new year brings new knowledge. Many Angelenos are aware of LA’s watersheds, but some of you may be asking…what exactly is a watershed? Simply put, a watershed is an area of land that collects water and directs it to a body of water such as a river, lake, or ocean. Here in LA we…

Machado Lake To Shine In 2017

With more than 90% of its land area developed, Los Angeles’ Dominguez Channel Watershed is undoubtedly the southland’s most impervious. Located in the southern portion of the Los Angeles Basin, the watershed includes more than eight cities as well as portions of unincorporated LA County. Its 70,000 acres of drainage area include several bodies of…

Learning our Watersheds: Dominguez Channel

Recently, right here on the LA Stormwater blog, Joe Linton of the popular LA Creek Freak asked us to learn a bit more about our watersheds. That’s a suggestion we fully embrace, so we are here to help. If you live in Southern LA County in the communities of Inglewood, Hawthorne, El Segundo, Gardena, Lawndale,…

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