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Solve the Stormwater Stumper

Caring about our local creeks, rivers and ocean may be a no-brainer. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to challenge your noggin every once and a while. Solve our Stormwater Stumper by telling us what we’re describing in the riddle below. If you get it right, we’ll send you a stylish LA Stormwater organic cotton…

rah rah

RAH RAH Reusable Bag Giveaway

On July 1, the plastic bag ban arrived in LA’s small stores and markets. And we’d like to hear you cheer! Show some spirit by telling us why you love your reusable bag. Write a poem, compose a jingle, create a battle cry or just jot down a few words on why reusable bags make…

A New Website Challenge with Reason and Rhyme

We’re here to proclaimWe’ve launched a new site;It comes with a gameFor 3 days and nights. If you’re a Stormwater geekOr trash makes you rage,The answers you seekAre found on our page. As we go forth,Here’s rules you can log:On May 1stGo to our blog. Just past 8:00amWe’ll ask you to boast,“How clever I am!”By solving our…

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