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0120 LASW Image Marieta at 2011 YSummit (2)

Marieta Francis, Algalita Marine Research & Education

In 1994, Captain Charles Moore founded Algalita Marine Research and Education with the aim of restoring disappearing kelp forests and improving water quality along the California Coast. The Captain thought Algalita meant “little algae” in Spanish (it doesn’t), but after more than two decades, the name certainly has come to mean “great ocean defender.” Algalita…

0829 LASW Image ocean-utopia-paradise

We Have a Dream

At LA Stormwater, we like to dream big. We have a dream that one day the ocean will be free of plastic and other litter. Beaches won’t need to be closed after a rainstorm and aquatic life will flourish. We have a dream that water will be conserved as a precious natural resource. Sprinklers will…

Get Your Coastal Cleanup On In September

Are you ready to get your coastal cleanup on? California Coastal Cleanup Day is Saturday, September 21, 2013, so here’s your chance to get out there and do you part in cleaning up our local rivers, creeks, lakes and beaches before the first rainfall of the season – typically called the first flush – washes…

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