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Southern California Rainy Season Could Break All Records

Weather or Not, Be Prepared!

Here in Southern California, many people will say that we don’t have “weather.” We disagree! In fact, we’re entering that time of year when southeasterly monsoonal flows can creep over the mountains bringing with them a good chance for thunderstorms. So as we move through summer with its inevitable heat, humidity and occasional storm, here…


Flocking to the LA River, Part 2

By Joyce Amaro, LA Stormwater She swam confidently through the low-hanging bushes that edged the river. She eyed me and my zoom lens with suspicion and moved back into the shadows. I slowly crept along the river’s embankment with my camera poised, not wanting to spook her. What followed her out of the shadows made…

Blue Heron in grass

Flocking to the LA River, Part 1

By Joyce Amaro, LA Stormwater With two recreational zones open this summer on the Los Angeles River, I thought I’d take advantage of the close proximity to the river my office enjoys and stroll along its banks with my camera. For the more than 10 years that I have been working in the Elysian Valley,…

Pathway next to LA River

LA River Welcomes New Greenway

The Los Angeles River welcomed a new green space today when city officials opened a new river greenway. Located within the footprint of the Los Angeles-Glendale Water Reclamation Plant, which resides on the banks of the LA River in the Atwater Village portion of the river, the new greenway will provide a welcome respite for…

green bin

Ask LA Stormwater: Can dog waste go in the green bin?

A: First, we want to thank you for picking up your dog waste! A single gram of dog poop can contain 23 million fecal coliform bacteria, which has health risks for other dogs and humans as well as our local rivers, lakes and bays. Now back to your question. You cannot dispose of pet waste—even…

Reusable Canvas Bags

LA Settles into the Plastic Bag Ban

In many ways, it could have been any Saturday afternoon at the supermarket. Angelenos in workout wear hustled in and out of the automatic doors carrying bags of groceries to restock the fridge for the week ahead. But January 4 was different. Three days earlier, Los Angeles became the largest city in the U.S. to…


LA Launches

City of Los Angeles officials today launched as part of its Bring-Your-Own-Bag Campaign and in anticipation of the Single-Use Carryout Bag Ordinance that takes effect on January 1, 2014.  “ provides useful information for both shoppers and retailers about the Single-Use Carryout Bag Ordinance and its benefits to our marine environment,” said Commissioner Barbara Romero of the Board of…


America Recycles Day is November 15

On America Recycles Day, the Los Angeles Board of Public Works thanked Angelenos for their partnership with LA Sanitation and support of the City’s Residential Curbside Blue Bin Recycling Program. The City services 750,000 single family dwellings (530,000 single-family and 220,000 buildings up to four units) with Black (trash), Blue (recyclables) and Green (yard trimmings) collection…


LA Sanitation Announces Wet Weather Plans

City Councilmember Felipe Fuentes, Seventh District, joined Sanitation Director Enrique C. Zaldivar to share Sanitation’s efforts to prepare for rain and encourage residents to get ready as well. Gathering at a debris basin in Sylmar, in anticipation of the wet weather season, City officials advised Los Angeles residents to prevent flooding and stormwater pollution by…


LA Aqueduct To Celebrate Centennial

Los Angeles was a very different place in 1900. Its population was 100,000 residents, having exploded from 11,000 in 1880. Bunker Hill, the site of LA’s current towering skyscrapers was home to Victorian mansions. Development in the San Fernando Valley, known up until this time for its wheat farms and sheep ranches, was just beginning.…

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