LA Sanitation Launches recycLA

LA Sanitation has launched a new business and multifamily waste collection program, “recycLA.” This trailblazing program will provide waste and recycling services to 80,000 commercial and multifamily accounts in Los Angeles, many of which have not had the opportunity to recycle under the current system.
With Los Angeles being the first city in the U.S. to pilot recycling initiatives in 1985, and now the largest city in the country to create a commercial franchise agreement, the new program solidifies the City’s role as an environmental pioneer. Under the expanded waste collection and recycling system, landfill diversion rates will reach a landmark 90% by 2025, allowing other major cities to use the recycLA program as a blueprint.
“Our landfills are too full.  Our streets are too trashed.  Our air is too thick. By expanding city recycling opportunities to all commercial and multi-family buildings, we are going to tackle those challenges and more,” said Councilmember Curren Price Jr, The New 9th, “I am pleased that we are here today at an affordable housing complex that is not only talking the talk of sustainability; they are walking the walk.  Thanks to the “green” approach of Deep Green Housing and Community Development and its property management company, tenants here are already recycling and generating far less trash than their neighbors.  Now their neighbors will be able to recycle too!”
The new system divides the City into 11 zones that will be served exclusively by a single service provider, meaning fewer trucks congesting neighborhoods and less wear and tear on streets.  It will also ensure strong customer services, predictable and protected rates, and much needed infrastructure and equipment improvements.
Clean fuel burning trucks and less waste going to landfills will result in better air quality and less greenhouse gas emissions, in keeping with the City’s strong commitment to mitigating the impact of climate change. Los Angeles continues to position itself as a leader on environmental issues that impact not only Los Angeles residents, but on a national and a global level as well.
“Los Angeles Sanitation and the City of Los Angeles continue to champion environmental and climate change efforts, and we are excited to implement recycLA throughout the city,”said Public Works Commissioner Heather Repenning, “Now, as our national leadership is dropping the ball, it is more vital than ever that  the City of Los Angeles step up to the plate and lead by example in the global fight against climate change.”
Recycling is currently only automatically available to single-family homes in the Los Angeles area. As of today, only 19% of waste from multi-family units and businesses gets recycled compared to reuse, recycling, and recovery programs. By making recycling services 100% available to all Los Angeles residents, there will be less trash going to landfills.
“LA Sanitation takes our role as environmental stewards for the City of Los Angeles very seriously,” said Enrique C. Zaldivar, P.E., General Manager and Executive Director of LA Sanitation, “We are committed to developing programs and projects that are sustainable and promote public health and a cleaner, greener environment for all. With recycLA we are moving even closer to having zero waste right here in Los Angeles through pioneering waste reduction, reuse, recycling, and recovery programs.”
“My family and I have lived in this building for twelve years and have always had the opportunity to recycle,” said Broadway Village II apartment resident Caprise Purnell.  “In fact, my children have grown up recycling and know how important it is to our environment.  Recycling is easy and if we all do it, we can really make a difference in the air that we all breathe.” 
Mike Lewis, chair of the business organization BizFed, emphasized that he has seen programs like recycLA work in other cities. “BizFed commends the City of Los Angeles for being the largest city in the nation to revolutionize its public/private business and multifamily waste and recycling collection program, “recycLA.”  LA’s customer service-focused program will assure rate consistency throughout the city, while incentivizing recycling and job creation to make the city’s air and waste stream cleaner for every Angeleno.” 
Photo courtesy of LA Sanitation.

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