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Stormwater Slam Dunk

March Madness is all around us, and like everyone else, we’re focused on college basketball’s Final Four! Here at LA Stormwater, we have our own Final Four… four stormwater capture projects that have gone above and beyond this past winter, capturing hundreds of millions of gallons of rain water and helping to create a more…

It’s Easy To Be Green

Drive through Los Angeles these days and you’re bound to notice something that we Angelenos haven’t seen in a long time – vibrant hills covered in emerald blankets of grass. The heavy rains of the last few months have brought LA’s hillsides and parks back to life, reminding us that despite the fact that we…

What’s In Your Box?

These days, everything from fast food to jewelry to video games comes in a box. Here at LA Stormwater, we have a pretty nifty box ourselves. It’s called a Booth In A Box and it’s filled with all sorts of fun and educational materials. If you’re the organizer of an upcoming information fair, resource festival,…

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