Time For Hallow-Clean!


The Jack o’ lanterns have all been carved. The treats have all been given out. Now it’s time to make sure the Halloween festivities don’t turn into tricks for our local rivers, creeks and ocean. Here are three easy Halloween Clean-Up activities that you can adopt with your little ghosts and goblins to keep LA’s waterways trash free:

  • Clean up the sidewalks and gutters outside your home and business. A few trash monsters may have been haunting your neighborhood on Halloween night, carelessly tossing paper and plastic candy wrappers onto the ground. Picking up those candy wrappers will keep them from making their way into our local waterways where they can negatively impact local water quality and marine life.
  • Remind your children to put their candy wrappers in the trash after they eat their Halloween treats. Here’s a coloring sheet that is a fun reminder.
  • Consider participating in a local beach clean-up. Heal the Bay hosts monthly Nothin’ But Sand beach clean-ups. The next one is on November 19 at the Hermosa Beach Pier. They’re a great way to get your whole family involved in keeping our local waterways clean.

Halloween is a fun holiday filled with tricks and treats. Now it’s time for Hallow-Clean!


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