The Gift of Green


From recycling wrapping paper to composting our Christmas tree, we’ve all heard ways that we can make our holidays “greener.”  And, while we should all continue to make these “green” practices a part of our holiday traditions, this year, we’re challenging Angelenos to take it one step further. Here are some fun and simple ways to have a truly greener holiday season:

  • Give your home the gift of a live Christmas tree. This is a relatively new trend in California, but it seems to be one that is taking root. The cost of renting a living tree is on par with purchasing a cut tree and the benefits include enjoying a bit of the forest in your home throughout December and not having to deal with recycling a dead tree – and cleaning up the carpet of pine needles on your living room floor – after the holidays.
  • Give your yard or neighborhood the gift of a tree. Trees can be valuable assets for homeowners by creating curb appeal, improving air quality and providing energy savings. Los Angeles’ City Plants has free trees for adoption and tips on caring for trees once they’re planted.
  • Give local wildlife the gift of sanctuary. The National Wildlife Federation provides guidance on how to turn your own yard into a certified oasis for wildlife. From bees to butterflies to birds, NWF can help you create a sustainable garden that supports wildlife.
  • Give LA’s urban forest the gift of your time. TreePeople has regular Park Tree Care and Street Tree Care events where you can roll up your sleeves and care for recently planted trees. Check out their calendar for upcoming events!

Photo courtesy of the Huffington Post.


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