Discover Your Watershed Moment!


From Los Angeles River to Ballona Creek, from Dominguez Channel to Santa Monica Bay, every Angeleno lives in a watershed and possesses the power to protect it! LA Sanitation’s Watershed Protection Program strives to protect local rivers, creeks, lakes, and beaches. Together we can keep our waterways free of pollution. Let us help you discover your watershed moment!

Here is what you can do:

  • Be a watershed protector! Report illegal dumping, suspicious fluids flowing into a catch basin or clogged catch basins by calling (800) 974-9794.
  • Be a watershed educator! Email us at [email protected] to request public education materials. Check out our Booth In A Box program to request outreach materials for your community events. Or, visit our Teach LA’s Kids pages for free schools materials.
  • Be a watershed builder! If you’re planning to remodel your home or business, your project may require low impact development best management practices. We have low impact development solutions so that you can build a healthier watershed.
  • Be a watershed saver! When you pick up after your dog or use a reusable canvas shopping bag, you save LA’s watersheds. Order free dog waste bags for your dog or take our Water Conservation Pledge and receive a free reusable canvas bag.

Tell us how you keep LA’s watershed pollution free by using #H2Omoment or follow us on Facebook and Twitter to discover more watershed moments.


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