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The last rays of summer sunshine in LA mean the beginning of a brand new school year. To inspire your children as they go back to school, the Watershed Protection Program is proud to announce Teach LA’s Kids – a new, free online resource for teachers and parents seeking to educate students about the importance of keeping our rivers, creeks and oceans free of pollution and inspire them to become lifelong environmental stewards.

At Teach LA’s Kids under Classroom Materials, you’ll find resources to teach students about pollution prevention both inside and outside the classroom. LA’s Watershed Protection Program has a robust inventory of educational materials including stickers, coloring books, posters and DVDs. Take a look at the materials we have available and then contact us. We look forward to working with you to develop a tailor-made selection of educational items that works for you.

We all know that learning is not confined to the four walls of a classroom! Here in SoCal, we are fortunate to have organizations and municipalities who offer a wide array of storm water pollution prevention educational experiences for both young and old. At Teach LA’s Kids under Teacher Resources, you will find a comprehensive listing of hands-on learning experiences that include field trips and clean up opportunities as well as places where adults and kids can keep in touch with nature.

So, get those backpacks and classrooms prepped and get ready to Teach LA’s Kids!

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