Green Grooming Tips for Your Pet


Sweltering summer temperatures can leave your pooch dirty and smelly. A cool bath can help beat the heat and make your pup clean and fresh. Keep in mind that grooming can unintentionally pollute our local waterways if runoff containing soap, flea chemicals, fur or waste runs into the storm drains. Follow these eco-friendly tips to make sure you’re grooming green:

  • Brush first. Brush your pet to remove any loose hair or sediment and discard in the trash.
  • Wash your pet indoors. Washing indoors prevents sudsy water from running into the storm drains and out into local waterways. If you must be outdoors, place your pet on grass or on another permeable surface so the runoff can soak into the earth.
  • Use biodegradable and non-toxic soaps. Look for soaps made with a vegetable or citrus base.
  • Don’t overlap flea prevention. Wait at least two days after treating your pet for fleas or ticks before giving a bath to prevent pesticides from flushing into the wastewater system.
  • Be prepared.  Make sure all the tools you need are ready.  This includes items such as: towels, shampoo and soaps, dryer and bath mat.
  • Wash without water.  If you are looking for a quick grooming method in between more intensive baths, try a waterless grooming foam.  It is quick and saves water! These can be found at your local pet store. There are many eco-friendly options to choose.

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