Pollution Prevention Never Goes Out of Style


LA’s Fashion District has a few new stars this season. Sheathed in figure-slimming black, these newcomers sport sleek silhouettes and can be found in Santee Alley and the California Market Center showing off their fashion sense. The best part about LA’s newest addition is that they also make good environmental sense.

The stars we’re talking about are cigarette butt receptacles – the key element of a program implemented by the Los Angeles Fashion Business Improvement District that has been successful in keeping almost 30,000 cigarette butts off the streets of DTLA and out of the Los Angeles River in recent months. In 2015, the LA Fashion BID partnered with Keep Los Angeles Beautiful and received a $5,000 Cigarette Litter Prevention Program grant from Keep America Beautiful to install 17 cigarette butt receptacles throughout LA’s Fashion District. The LA Fashion BID identified local businesses willing to adopt the cigarette butt receptacles. Business owners are responsible for the daily placement and nightly storage of the receptacles. Fashion District BID personnel are responsible for removing cigarette butts and the general maintenance of the receptacles.  

“The cigarette litter prevention program has proven very effective in the Fashion District,” said Kent Smith, Executive Director.  “We picked up 29,200 cigarettes in 2015.  We are looking forward to expanding the cigarette litter receptacles throughout the district as we continue to maintain a clean and safe environment in the Fashion District.”

The facts around cigarette butt pollution are staggering. Cigarette butts are the most littered item and comprise 38% of all US roadway litter.  Of the 300 billion cigarettes sold in the United States annually, 100 billion of those cigarettes butts find their way into our local waterways and oceans.

In addition to expanding this program within the LA Fashion District, there is also strong interest among other LA business improvement districts to implement a similar program. This is one trend that we hope will never go out of style!


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  1. Christina
    March 16th, 2016 at 3:34 pm

    This is great! Hopefully we can get these all over LA

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