Solve the Stormwater Stumper


When it comes to knowing how to keep our local rivers, creeks and ocean clean, you’re a whiz. But a little challenge every now and then helps keep your mind sharp.

Introducing our 2nd annual Stormwater Stumper! Tell us what we’re describing in the riddle above, and if you get it right, we’ll enter you to win a rain barrel!

Rain barrels are a simple way to make the most of the rainy season. By harvesting rainwater you lower the amount of tap water you need, protect our local waterways from polluted runoff and save a few dollars in the process.  

So put on your thinking caps and send us your best guess. The contest ends at midnight on Thursday November 19, 2015. We’ll announce the winner of the rain barrel on Monday November 23.

Just so you know, the rain barrel is 39″ high and 24″ in diameter and winners will need to pick up the rain barrel. We will need 1-2 weeks to retrofit your rain barrel to suit your home, depending whether you have downspouts or not. 

Good luck!



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