The Year in Stormwater


We’re glass half full types here at LA Stormwater. So when the end of the year comes around, we don’t think of it as growing older, but becoming wiser. It helps offset the shock of another 12 months whizzing by in a blur.

Another thing that helps is to take an inventory of all the wonderful things that happened this year to protect the quality of LA’s local creeks, rivers and ocean. Thank you to all the LA Stormwater supporters who pitched in to pick up litter, reduce the use of toxic pesticides, recycle household hazardous waste and conserve water. We’re looking forward to getting a little wiser with you in 2015!

January 1

  • Los Angeles becomes the largest city in the U.S. to ban plastic bags from supermarkets and box stores that sell groceries.

January 17

  • Governor Jerry Brown declares a state of emergency due to the drought in California and urges residents to cut water use by 20%.

February 7

March 22

  • The Machado Lake Ecosystem Rehabilitation project breaks ground. Scheduled for completion in 2017, the Prop O project will restore native plant and aquatic life and improve water quality in the lake.

April 10

May 15

  • Nearly 4,000 LA school children gather at Dockweiler State Beach for the 21st annual Kids Ocean Day.

May 29

  • A new greenway for walkers and joggers opens along the LA River in Atwater Village.

September 20

  • The Rory M. Shaw Wetlands Park breaks ground. The project will convert a 46-acre landfill into wetlands that naturally filter urban stormwater runoff.

September 30

October 14

  • Mayor Eric Garcetti signs an executive order urging LA residents to conserve more water. As a result, the LADWP increases rebate amounts for water-wise washers, toilets, sprinklers, rain barrels and turf replacement.  

November 2

  • Proposition O, the $500 million water bond, turns 10. What a decade it has been!

November 13

  • The 71,000 square-foot Discovery Cube opens in Los Angeles. Don’t miss the Aquavator, a virtual reality elevator that plunges you hundreds of feet into the earth!

Happy New Year!


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