Capturing Opportunities


By Joyce Amaro, LA Stormwater

“Mom, what does a rain barrel look like? I want to make one and catch some rain!” stated my 7-year old son as the rain began to fall earlier this week. He proceeded to get out his Legos and “build” a very colorful rain barrel. Granted his rain barrel ended up looking more like a box and I wasn’t sure that it would hold much water, but I was proud of his ingenuity, his desire to take action and his awareness that rainwater is a valuable resource.

As he built his rain barrel, we had a conversation about how important it is to capture rainwater and the impact that the drought has, and will continue to have, on California. As we chatted, I thought of all the opportunities we have as parents on a daily basis to teach our children to be good stewards of water – to both protect and conserve one of our state’s most precious resources.

A good way to begin is to take LA Stormwater’s water conservation pledge as a family. Promise to only run full loads of clothes or dishes! Pledge to fix leaky faucets! The pledge even gives you a chance to get creative and write in your own water conservation ideas. As an added bonus, if you take the pledge, we’ll send you a nifty, free LA Stormwater tote bag! Look at this as a win-win-win. You’ll conserve water. You’ll save money on your monthly LADWP bill. And, finally, you’ll be teaching your kids sustainable water practices. After all, it’s not only about capturing rainwater, but about capturing opportunities as well.

Photo courtesy of Joyce Amaro.



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