Proposition O Turns 10!


A decade ago, on November 2, 2004, an overwhelming majority (76%) of Los Angeles residents passed a $500 million water bond known as Proposition O. We didn’t know it then, but it would turn out to be a proactive move. 

Back in 2004, most people weren’t thinking about a drought like we are today. In those days, voters wanted to prevent polluted runoff from rushing into our local rivers, creeks and ocean every time it rained. The Prop O projects we’ve built have certainly done that—and so much more.

Of the 29 Prop O projects already completed, 11 are designed to capture rainwater and replenish our groundwater supplies. What’s more, the projects have revitalized natural habitats, created green streets and improved the quality of life in every area of the city.

Take a look at what 10 years of water quality, conservation and capture has accomplished:

Prop O_infographicv3


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