We Have a Dream


At LA Stormwater, we like to dream big.

We have a dream that one day the ocean will be free of plastic and other litter. Beaches won’t need to be closed after a rainstorm and aquatic life will flourish.

We have a dream that water will be conserved as a precious natural resource. Sprinklers will give way to drip irrigation and residents will sweep rather than hose down their driveways. Drought-tolerant gardens, lush with native plants, will replace grass lawns, ending the need to water three times a week and apply toxic fertilizers and pesticides.

We have a dream that everyone will pick up after their dog, so millions of bacteria don’t wash into our local waters. We have a dream that everyone will recycle household hazardous wastes at local SAFE Centers and reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible.

We believe our dream is possible. Together we have the power to make it a reality. Learn how to take action, get involved and make a difference.


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