Weather or Not, Be Prepared!


Here in Southern California, many people will say that we don’t have “weather.” We disagree! In fact, we’re entering that time of year when southeasterly monsoonal flows can creep over the mountains bringing with them a good chance for thunderstorms. So as we move through summer with its inevitable heat, humidity and occasional storm, here are a few tips to keep in mind before the thunder shakes your house and raindrops wet your walkway:

  • If you hear thunder, then lightning may be close by! Postpone outdoor activities and stay indoors until the storm passes. If you have pets, be sure to bring them inside, as thunder and lightning can frighten dogs and cats. After the storm, avoid any downed power lines, keeping children and pets away.
  • Stay alert and know the weather forecast before going into a local waterway. Be aware that rain falling in another part of the southland may impact water flow downstream. If you have plans on going into one of the LA River’s two recreation zones open this year, check the weather before you head out.
  • Keep rain barrels maintained and ready to harvest rainfall! Thunderstorms may be fast moving and short lived, but often times, they pack a big punch, sending down a wall of water. Make sure your rain barrel is clean and empty, remove any debris that has accumulated on the lid and check all the connections to ensure that your barrel is in proper working condition.

Follow these simple tips this summer – feel free to also throw an umbrella in your car’s trunk –  and weather or not, you’ll be prepared!

Photo courtesy of CBS Los Angeles.


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