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Plastic Bag Ban To Expand on July 1

Get ready to take your reusable bags to a new level in the coming days! Starting on July 1, 2014 Los Angeles will expand its current Single-Use Carryout Bag Ordinance to include smaller markets and grocery stores.  The second phase of the Ordinance mandates that all grocers within the City of Los Angeles will no…

Pollution Solution: Paint It Blue

A fresh coat of paint is the perfect way to liven up your home. But here’s one not-so-pretty part of adding new color to your living space: each year, about 10 percent of all paint purchased in the U.S. goes unused, and some of that leftover paint winds up in our waterways. Without careful handling…


His Love of the Sea

By Joyce Amaro, LA Stormwater “Pssst! It’s time to wake up!” Daddy whispered, as he gently nudged me and my sister awake. I slowly opened my eyes and saw that it was still dark outside. Half-awake, we quietly dressed in the dim light and made our way outside and into the crisp morning. I could…


Flocking to the LA River, Part 2

By Joyce Amaro, LA Stormwater She swam confidently through the low-hanging bushes that edged the river. She eyed me and my zoom lens with suspicion and moved back into the shadows. I slowly crept along the river’s embankment with my camera poised, not wanting to spook her. What followed her out of the shadows made…

Blue Heron in grass

Flocking to the LA River, Part 1

By Joyce Amaro, LA Stormwater With two recreational zones open this summer on the Los Angeles River, I thought I’d take advantage of the close proximity to the river my office enjoys and stroll along its banks with my camera. For the more than 10 years that I have been working in the Elysian Valley,…

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