Earth Day is Ocean Day: 3 Ways to Save the Sea


The oceans take up 71 percent of the planet’s surface, so when you’re celebrating Earth Day—or Earth Month if you’re like us—it makes sense to honor the deep blue sea. Here are three ways to show your love and appreciation by protecting our precious resource.

Go car-free.  Put the car in the garage and get around instead on foot, by bike or via public transportation. Keeping your ride off the road will curb carbon emissions, and consequently fight ocean acidification and sea-level rise. It also means less motor oil, gasoline and other automotive chemicals leaking from your car and washing out into the ocean. Need a practice run? The Metro Gold Line is offering a free trip to explore public art and neighborhood history on Saturday, April 26. RSVP here

Take out the trash. Beach litter hurts marine life and makes a mess of our coastal environment. For a trash-free sea, join in a local beach cleanup—or rally your friends and family to sign up for Heal the Bay’s Adopt-A-Beach program. You and your beach-loving buddies can help keep your favorite stretch of sand litter-free by committing to at least three cleanups a year.

Give your home an ocean-friendly makeover. An easy blue upgrade can have a long-lasting impact when it comes to saving our seas from stormwater pollution. Start a compost pile, install a rain barrel, swear off pesticides or add drought-resistant native plants to your garden. 


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