Go For The Gold!


Everyone has Olympics fever with the Winter Games taking place in Sochi this month. In the spirit of the Olympics and just for fun, we ask this question: Are you a gold, silver or bronze medalist in the area of protecting our environment? Answer the questions below to discover which medal you would receive if the Environmental Olympics were held today.

Do you always use a reusable bag when shopping? Are you obsessive about picking up after your dog and disposing of his waste in your Black Bin? Did you start conserving even more water the day after Governor Brown announced the drought? After all, you have a rain barrel in your backyard and replanted your front garden with native plants five years ago.

Congratulations! You’re a gold medal winner for the environment! Keep up the great work and get ready to hear our national anthem play!

Maybe you aren’t that meticulous about the environment. Are you just now beginning to use reusable bags since the plastic bag ban went into place? Did the recent drought announcement make you realize that you need to turn the water off when you brush your teeth? Do you recycle paper, glass and cans at home?

Hooray! You’re an environmental silver medalist! Try your best to change one behavior at a time and you’ll soon find yourself on the gold medal stand.

Perhaps you’re a person who is just now learning that changing your behavior when it comes to the environment is something you should consider. Maybe your kids have brought some key environmental messages home from school and you’re thinking that you should listen and start using a reusable bag or explore ways to conserve water at home.

Congratulations! You’re a bronze medal winner for the environment! You’re part of a growing segment of the population who are on the cusp of making some positive environmental changes in their lives – all of which will benefit our communities, our city and our coast.

So, are you a gold, silver or bronze medalist? In the end we’re all winners – including Mother Earth – if we adopt environmentally-conscious behaviors and begin living a more sustainable lifestyle!

And, in the meantime, go for the gold in Sochi, USA!

Photos courtesy of K and JL08 via Flickr.com.


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