Keeping LA’s Beaches Green


This is the time of year when green is the “it” color. Between St. Patrick’s Day and the many hues of springtime green popping up on foliage all around us, we’re happily “swimming” in emerald…jade…chartreuse…sage…hunter…pistachio…the shades of green can go on and on. And, as the plant world around us begins to wake up from winter, we, too, begin to wake up to the fact that our gardens and yards need some attention – whether it’s planting a summer garden, tackling a major landscape project or simply updating the annuals in your porch’s pot garden.

Whatever plans you may have for your yard this season, you want to be safe about your gardening practices. Often times, the products that we use in our gardens can be dangerous to both our family and the environment around us. So, as you’re out tending your yard, here are five simple tips to remember:

  • Read the labels on fertilizers and pesticides and use only as directed. It may be unsafe for children and pets to be in the yard immediately after applying these products.
  • When using pesticides and fertilizers, strategically apply products on your lawn and/or garden. Do not apply them if rain is forecasted.
  • Sparingly apply pesticides or herbicides only to the problem spot instead of the whole yard.
  • Avoid overwatering your lawn. Excess water can carry fertilizers and pesticides into our regional waterways, polluting local rivers, creeks and beaches.
  • When you’re all done, S.A.F.E.LY dispose of unwanted chemical products. The City of Los Angeles’ seven SAFE centers, located throughout Los Angeles, accept household hazardous waste like pesticides, fertilizers and other toxic household waste free of charge.

Adopt these good housekeeping practices and you’ll not only have a green, safe yard for your kids and pets to play in, but you’ll be helping to keep LA’s rivers, creeks and beaches safe and “green” for everyone to enjoy year round!

Photos courtesy of UGA College of Agriculture and Earthworm.



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