Thankful For Our Team


Here at LA Stormwater, we are grateful for many things as we enter this season of thanksgiving. We are especially thankful for the many program stakeholders who have partnered with us to make 2012 a productive year for LA Stormwater. Working as a team towards the goal of sustainability for Los Angeles, we achieved these important environmental milestones together!

Sack the Bag

In 2012 Los Angeles City Council passed a ban on single-use carryout bags at supermarkets, pharmacies and convenience stores. This now sets the national stage for the elimination of the most ubiquitous consumer item of current times. Plastic bags, designed to be used just for a few minutes, in reality persist in our environment for hundreds of years! This City Council ban complements our efforts to protect some of our most important natural resources as a coastal city – our rivers, creeks, lakes and bays.

Putting the LID on Stormwater Pollution

Los Angeles enacted a Low Impact Development (LID) Ordinance in May, requiring development projects that add 500 square feet or more of impervious area to capture, infiltrate and/or treat stormwater runoff on site. LID is a leading stormwater management strategy that seeks to mitigate the impacts of runoff and stormwater pollution as close to its source as possible. This new ordinance will provide an effective and cost-efficient means of reducing water pollution.

It’s Good to Be Green

Green infrastructure projects help Los Angeles prevent stormwater pollution and meet water quality standards, increase water supply via infiltration and groundwater recharge, reduce flooding and provide open space for habitat and recreation. The green infrastructure projects completed in 2012 included Garvanza Park Rainwater Capture, Hansen Dam Wetlands Restoration, Peck Park Canyon Enhancement, North Atwater Creek Restoration and South Los Angeles Wetlands Park. Many of these projects were funded by Proposition O. Since its inception in 2004, a total of 19 Proposition O-funded projects have been completed. Another eight stormwater projects are currently under construction.

So, thank you to all our program stakeholders – the residents, community based organizations, businesses, governmental agencies, environmental groups and regulatory agencies – who work with LA Stormwater every day to get Los Angeles closer to its sustainability goals.

Photo courtesy of The Alieness Gisela Giardino.


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