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Cleaning Up Our Coast

Beach cleanups are vital to the health of our coastal environment, and every year on Coastal Cleanup Day, more than 60,000 volunteers throughout California spend part of a September weekend picking up more than 300,000 tons of trash from beaches and inland waterways before the rainy season begins. This year is no different. The 2012 California…

New Law Gets LA Closer to Waste Reduction Goal

Mandatory commercial recycling became effective in California on July 1 as a result of Assembly Bill 341. According to the new legislation, businesses that have more than four cubic yards of trash per week, or multifamily residential properties with five or more units, are required to arrange for recycling services. Property owners can comply by…

What Goes Around Comes Around Again

In the mid-1800s, a water wheel graced the Los Angeles River, bringing water from El Rio Porciuncula to Los Angeles, which was a newly established pueblo. The Zanja Madre (or Mother Ditch) was the open-air earthen ditch that carried the much-needed water from the river, across the present day Corn Fields to a brick reservoir,…

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