A New Website Challenge with Reason and Rhyme


We’re here to proclaim
We’ve launched a new site;
It comes with a game
For 3 days and nights.

If you’re a Stormwater geek
Or trash makes you rage,
The answers you seek
Are found on our page.

As we go forth,
Here’s rules you can log:
On May 1st
Go to our blog.

Just past 8:00am
We’ll ask you to boast,
“How clever I am!”
By solving our post.

No need to quibble,
If you’re LA Stormwater-wise.
Answer our riddles
And we’ll give you a prize.

For all those who play
We’ve got posters to give,
But answer each day
For a chance to win big.

Tickets for a movie,
Bike-rides and a Cruise
All sound pretty groovy
And there’s nothing to lose!

Just before Midnight
On May’s 4th day,
Post your answers in sight
If you’re wanting to play.

So do what you ought’ta
And here’s what you want:
The LA Clean Water
Virtual Scavenger Hunt.


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